Cryptocurrency Market Data Services – Accuracy Matters

The Mint Exchange Market Data Service provides brokers with the most accurate cryptocurrency reference price available.

Best Cryptocurrency Prices Available

The Cryptocurrency Market Data Service connects to 16 major exchanges across the U.S., Europe, and Asia and includes 14 cryptocurrency pairs.

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Provide Better Prices by Having Access to Better Prices

Making markets in cryptocurrencies is challenging. Having access to stable, reliable cryptocurrency reference prices is key to maintaining profitability. There are so many exchanges with so much price variation across them, that it is difficult to know where to look for the best price.

Mint Exchange has solved the reference price problem. We have applied our years of experience as a technology leader and innovator in foreign exchange to the cryptocurrency market. The Cryptocurrency Market Data Service uses algorithms developed together with Stanford University to provide the most precise reference prices across multiple exchanges and multiple currencies.

So you get the best price, all day, every day.

Priced to Meet Your Needs

Mint Exchange offers a variety of configurations of currency pairs and exchanges starting at US$1,700/month.